Trampoline Buyers Guide

If you’re considering buying a trampoline your main considerations should include:

Who will use the trampoline?
Where will the trampoline be located?
How much should I pay for a trampoline?

Trampolines range in size from 8ft all the way up to 16ft. The most popular sizes, accounting for over 80% of all trampoline sales are 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines and 14ft trampolines with mini trampolines and other sizes making up the remainder.

Trampoline Buyers Guide: Who will use the trampoline?

As a rough guide a 10 ft trampoline would be suitable for a single child, or two small children, with occasional adult use. A 12ft trampoline would be a good choice for a couple of children and regular use by adults and a 14ft trampoline would allow regular use by two or more children and adults. The larger the trampoline the higher the maximum trampoline jumping weight.

Big Round Trampolines – Trampoline Buyers Guide: Where will the trampoline be located?

Before purchasing a trampoline carefully consider the space available in your garden and bear in mind a 12ft circle measured out on the ground seems considerably bigger when it’s a real trampoline standing 3ft off the ground!

Allow a clear area of at least 3ft around the outside of your trampoline so if children do topple off then they are likely to have a safe landing. For example, if you are considering purchasing a 12ft trampoline you need a space of approximately 18ft diameter with no overhanging branches where the trampoline can stand.

How much should I pay for a trampoline?

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. Even taking into account special offers and marketing flexibility if you buy a cheap trampoline it is highly likely that trampoline cost less to manufacture and this will show in terms of quality of materials, quality of finish and the trampoline guarantee.

A trampoline is much more than just something to bounce on and in our experience is enjoyed as much by teenagers as little kids. Apart from something to bounce on trampolines become a popular place to chill, do homework, chat with friends, sunbathe and sleep so bear this in mind and buy a quality trampoline with a decent guarantee.

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